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Why am I a wayward fish?

Because I grew up in the Church…

        it’s like a sea where I swim (and I know all the strokes).

Because I grew up in the Church…

       it has formed me, nourished me, given me faith, identity, and some kind of framework to make sense of life.

       I am grateful.


But because I grew up in the Church…

       and sometimes the expectations squeezed me into a shape that wasn’t me…

       and sometimes I lost parts of myself trying to fit in and get things right...

       and sometimes I see and feel the pain of Church gone wrong...

...I feel a little wayward.


I am still there.  My faith is water to me.  I would not survive without it.

But at times, things get a little murky and I swim the “wrong” way.

This blog is simply life seen from that sea, through the calm and sparkly waters but also the tide-turning, washed-up-on-the-shore moments. 

It is written from the water’s edge, paddling in the shallows, watching hardier souls plunge confidently into the depths.

Often it is not even about faith – but that is the place where I sit and write, letting the surf splash over me as I look towards deeper waters.

​(And then again, maybe I’m just a wayward fish because when I should be swimming

I always seem to end up in the beach café!)

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