language & writing

I am a language tutor with an incurable writing habit.

A linguist with a lifelong love of words. 


A while ago I decided that, rather than just pouring my stream of consciousness ramblings into a pile of dust-gathering journals under the bed, I should perhaps do some more organised writing too.


When I’m not writing, I get my language fix through giving tuition in French & Spanish.

My work has been published in Woman Alive, magnet, Premier Christianity, a couple of international charity journals as well as some local publications.  I also do some website writing and press work for the wonderful youth charity CCYS.  On top of this, I am very excited to be part the team of volunteer editors at magnet magazine.

Oh yes.  And that pile of journals under the bed?


Still growing.

Sample work

There's nothing wrong with being ordinary


Art for Art's Sake

When Easter came to us

And what do you do?

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