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In-between and on the edge...

​Welcome to The Wayward Fish, a place for sharing stories of in-between: stories of travel but also of identity.  Stories of faith. Stories of cooking and sharing food.  Stories of the sea and all the places it can take us. Stories of finding a place to belong.

I'm Clare, a linguist and lover of words.


My life has often felt like a story of in-betweens: feeling foreign when I lived abroad but sometimes even more so back home.

Maybe that’s why I love the sea so much. There is nothing more ‘on the edge’ than the crashing waves and nothing more ‘in-between’ than the light-grazed sands of the beach, hugged by endless ocean on one side and solid ground on the other.

In-between can be a lonely place, but it can also be the bridge that connects two worlds.  A place of sharing, where two cultures meet, bringing the healing joy of good food, good company and the beauty of different landscapes.

Usedom Island - C O'Driscoll

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