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Try anyway...

New Year 2023

It seemed crazy. Impossible.

The rain rattled against the windows and the more sensible family members did query our sanity (Really? You still want to go to the sea? In THIS?) but we decided to ignore the weather and head down to the coast with our friends anyway, even though we would ‘probably get drenched’ and the sparklers we’d planned to light there ‘hadn’t a hope’ in the gale force winds.

But the sea has ways of surprising us. When we followed that longing and braved the beach, we found the unexpected had happened. The weather dried up despite the double raindrop symbol on our apps. And the wind, although a little gusty, wasn’t overbearing. We ran down to the water’s edge and walked along the beach, chatting and capturing the wild winter waves on camera. Then we huddled together to light sparklers before retreating to the pub for hot drinks.

Sometimes these things don’t work out. But sometimes they do, despite all evidence to the contrary.

So, whatever crazy, impossible ideas you have for 2023, just try them. Listen to the voice of reason, weigh up the facts... and then just try anyway.

And have a very Happy New Year!

Image - Winter Beach Walk (linocut - Clare O'Driscoll)

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1 Comment

Jan 03, 2023

How refreshing and positive Clare!

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