You'll find me at the ocean - Book Review

When I heard that Martha Black’s entire book tour had been 'Covid-cancelled', I was so disappointed for her. When I heard that her book was about grief and finding healing at the ocean, I knew I needed to get on board and take on a week of her virtual book tour (as one or two of you know, I have a bit of a thing for the sea!).

The book, “Find me at the Ocean”, is the story of grief through the eyes of a child. Inspired by the loss of her own mother, Martha has created this story from a Christian perspective to help children through the grieving process and to know they are not alone.

Beautifully presented with illustrations and Bible verses on each page, the book is long enough to have substance, but in short enough sections to feel manageable to a child.

After the initial introduction to the story in which the child questions how she can go on without her mother, each page is a response from the mother, focussing on a different aspect of sea life, drawing parallels and lessons for the grieving.

Broken down into bitesize chunks like this, I can really see it igniting a child’s imagination and creating healing and hopeful images in their mind.

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